Most enterprises engage an offshore leveraged model for IT services to:

While most relationships realize these benefits to varying degrees, some of the other intrinsic aspects which are else taken for granted come to fore. These "hidden" elements arise due to the enterprise's way of working or their service providers' operating model which throw up challenges which were not planned earlier and result in management overhead.

Saving operational cost should not come at the cost of additional management overheads. When executed efficiently, an offshore leveraged IT services model can also yield other benefits like:

Many of these would also need some structural changes in the relationship, governance and operational alignment which enables such value streams.

At Catacient we bring the expertise required to help get your offshore based delivery model to deliver beyond cost efficiencies. With deep experience over several years in working with mid to large clients world-wide we would help you create a win-win partnership with your service providers.

Write to us to know how we can start this for your organization.

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