Over the past couple of decades, IT outsourcing service providers have increasing taken work to offshore/remote locations. For enterprises, this has added new dimensions to the already complex task of delivering IT services through external teams. Most enterprises work through the onsite teams of service providers and do not get to directly work with the offshore teams. The best opportunity to connect with the teams actually delivering work at offshore is often during their offshore visits but these are limited and constrained due to cost and time challenges. 

In the absence of such interactions, the offshore teams do not carry a good understanding of the client's business priorities. The enterprise client is also lost in the factory model run by service providers. Enterprises also lose out in getting direct feedback and inputs from offshore teams which can help create a strong working relation. 

IT Service Delivery Assurance service gets expert professionals to work for enterprises to help offshore teams have a better understanding of the client's business priorities and help build a win-win collaborative model for the success of the outsourcing program.

IT Service Delivery Assurance is a service, which empowers enterprises with offshored IT services to:

  • Gain better visibility and control into the delivery of IT services for their organization through their service provider(s)
  • Integrate delivery of IT services across performing teams
  • Engage specialist skills to review and improve governance, service tracking and identify levers to better align IT to business expectations
  • Enable a win-win proposition with service providers for a stronger and successful partnership

Benefits to Enterprises

  • Reduced management overhead in working with remote/offshore teams
  • Realized savings through
    • Reduced interruption to business and faster recovery times
    • Focused innovation and service  improvement through a systematic process
  • Get offshore delivery specialists to work for you, and keep your company high in the internal priority list of service providers
  • Improve understanding of your business by delivery teams to better drive service focus
  • Improve working relations with offshore based teams through cultural sensitization
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