While outsourcing of IT services is not new, as the delivery of these services moved to offshore locations like India, a whole new dimension was added in the management and integration of such offshore based service organization for enterprises. Not only does it bring forth the importance of working across cultures but also working with teams which are remote.

Most enterprises outsourcing IT services realize the challenge of enabling such a partnership through their retained organization. The quality of relationship with a provider depends on the quality of effort that is invested for managing the relationship. It is important to understand the service providers' internal drivers, operating models, challenges etc. and this comes best by connecting directly with the teams delivering at offshore and their leadership.

At Catacient, we bring the expertise required to engage with service providers through senior professionals from the service provider industry, in-country and local with the offshore leadership team of service provider organizations. We also provide the required local presence in India to work with service provider teams to develop program recovery plans and help drive delivery priority towards business needs through a win-win proposition between the service providers and the outsourcing enterprise.

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