Our offerings assist you in achieving your business objectives through a combination of operations intelligence and process optimization to gain visibility and insights into application systems to predict anomalies and proactively manage service performance before business is impacted. Our approach is analytics driven service performance management.

We integrate IT and business operations, enable and optimize processes and analytics to improve operations. Our services include:

Strategic Consulting for IT Operations and Performance Management helps enterprises develop and execute a roadmap for IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) for half the cost of consulting services when engaging large IT firms. Catacient delivers IT Operations Analytics strategy through to tactical implementation to ensure your IT Operations Analytics investments deliver value to business. Your IT Operations Analytics roadmap should factor your existing technology investments, be scalable and deliver value to business in the shortest time. Our consultants will help identify the requirement set, product specifications and draw an implementation plan for your IT Operations Analytics roll out. Get the IT Operations Analytics edge to maximize value to business with higher uptimes and reduced service restore times.

Process Optimization – This is a key initiative for most organizations as the industry moves towards increasing efficiency with reduced costs. Using our customizable IT Optimization framework we tactically enable a business-aware IT Operations to efficiently align and optimize process, tools and resources. For our clients this means – increased internal efficiency, reduced overall IT costs, enable new business capabilities and promote customer satisfaction.

IT Operations Analytic (ITOA) Tools Deployment – specialized skills to integrate with existing monitoring and performance management tools and deploying ITOA solutions. We bring the depth and the breadth that is required to build intelligence for effective configuration of the tool sets.

Application and IT Infrastructure Analytics with targeted actionables for enhanced accuracy to correlate data that pinpoints to suspect KPIs to help in automation, faster fault isolation and problem resolution. This service also enables reports and dashboards to executives, application and IT teams with customized visualizations

Benefits to Enterprises

  • Leverage key IT Operations Analytics principles to run IT operations efficiently and effectively
  • Create win-win proposition between IT and Business Teams
  • Isolate problems to drastically reduce Mean Time to Prevent (MTTP)
  • Proactively prevent anomalies that pinpoint suspect KPIs and increase service performance
  • Enhance accuracy to expedite faster root cause analysis
  • Reduce costly capital expenses through process and cost optimization
  • Enable Continual Improvement and direct efficiencies towards innovation
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